Hawaiian Island of Kauai - Jan 2003 / 12



Memorable places on Kauai.


North Side:

The beautiful drive along the North side.

Kee Beach at the end of the road, if you can find parking! (Not safe for swimming)

Na-Pali cliffs walk/hike, starting at Kee Beach.

Kilauea town Bakery & Deli, just before the lighthouse.

Kilauea Lighthouse walk and view.

Walking the town of Hanalei.

Kalypso Restaurant in Hanalei.

Boat tour along the Na-Pali cliffs.  Not in the winter time. Waves TOO high.



East Side:

A walk on the main road in the small town of Kapaa.

Olympic Café in Kapaa.

'Slack Key' guitar & Ukulele concerts by Doug & Sandy McMaster - Saturday in Kapaa, Friday in Hanalei.

Watching the surfers at Kealia beach, just North of Kapaa.

The 'tourist boat' tour up the Wailua river to the Fren Grotto.

The nice safe beach of Lydgate State Park, just South of the Wailua river.

Walking old town Nawiliwilli just south of Lihie.

Duke's Restaurant or Café Portofino in Nawiliwilli for that special night out.

The generic 'mall' with all those stores, just West of Lihue, on the Kaumualii Hwy.

Driving Hulemalulu Rd, back road from Nawiliwilli west past the 'Menehune Fishpond'.



South Side:

Brennecke's Beachfront Restaurant.

Poipu-Brennecke Beach. Safe!

Walking the small 'artist' town of Koloa, just north of Poipu.

Kalaheo Café & Coffee company Restaurant in the small town of Kalaheo.

Driving West along the ocean in Poipu to Spouting Horn.

Allerton Gardens, West of Poipu.  Jurassic Trees.

The public beach just East of the Hyatt hotel. Some parking available.

Driving East past the Hyatt hotel through the old sugar cane fields to many secluded beaches.

Horseback rides at CJM country Stables, East of the Hyatt.



South-West Side:

The drive up #550 to the Waimea canyon & Na-Pali cliffs view. Start early on a clear morning. Clouds most mid days.

Waimea Canyon, second largest after the Grand Canyon.

The view down to the Na-Pali cliffs from +4,000 ft.

The Nene birds at the top of the Na-Pali cliff drive.

Wrangler's Steakhouse in Waimea. - Kau Kau Tin.

The original 'Shrimp Shack' in Waimea.

Hanapepe on the Friday evening 'Gallery Walk'

Salt-Pond Beach - for a safe beach and to see the red salt ponds. Just West of Hanapepe.

Boat tour along the Na-Pali cliffs.  Not in the winter time. Waves TOO high.


Not Memorable: The chickens are everywhere!  Skwalking, SKWALKING! SKWALKING!