Cuba - Jan 2006



A short trip report of our travels in Cuba.  (A full report will be posted in 2013)


Flying from Winnipeg to Toronto we overnighted at the Shereton Hotel right at the airport.  The next morning we were able to fly directly to the new airport at Cayo Coco, a small island on the North East coast of Cuba.  A 25 minute cab ride and we were at the beautiful Meliá Cayo Guillermo, an all inclusive hotel.


After and very relaxing week, we returned to the airport for a quick 45 minute flight to Havana.  We had booked ourselves into the Hotel Farrrill, right in the historic "old town" area of Habana.  This was also the same hotel where the rest of the group would arrive for the start of our two week tour throughout Cuba with "Adventures Abroad".  We had taken two other tours with this company, Turkey & Morroco, and would highly recommend them.  After spending a few days by ourselves walking around the amazing sites of the old town (a world heritage site), the rest of our small group of ten people arrived.  Two couples from Kamloops B.C. two ladies from the US, one couple from Victoria, B.C and our tour guide Keri from Vancouver.


From the map we've made up, you can see that over the next two weeks we travelled all the way from the Western part of the Island all the way to the far Eastern end.


At the end of the tour in Habana, we stayed a few more days and then returned to Gimli via Toronto.


Cuba was an wonderful cultural journey.  The sites, the amazing musicainship, the history and the people.


We will return one day.


Hotels for reference

Vinales - Hotel Los Jazmines

Baracoa - El Castillo

Santiago de Cuba - Hotel Casa Granda